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I'm available to do school visits and presentations for adults. I'm happy to tailor an event just for you. Some of the presentations I've given in the past are: 

"Being a Writer"
This workshop explores two common tools writers use to accomplish their work: journaling and being in a writer's group. Each student will journal a poem about something that matters to them. Then we will form a writer's critique group and using critique group rules, we will discuss the strengths and possibilities in each piece. Students will receive a listing of resources to support their work as writers.

"Write it Short and Sweet"
Consider the gem of a genre: the short story. This workshop will sing its praises and through a story prompt, participants will be encouraged to start writing one of their own. A review of key short story elements will be provided, as well as a listing of helpful short story collections and related craft books.

"Making Sense"
Good writing evolves from living life. By being present, or giving focus to the 5 senses, we experience the world in a vivid way. This workshop guides writers to use the 5 senses to bring a character, a setting, a story to life. Participants will be given 10 minutes to identify sensory details and then to begin setting the scene and/or developing a character so as to give the reader the sense of actually being in the scene.   

"Booktalk" and "Q & A"
It's always fun for me to "booktalk." In this presentation, I discuss where I got my idea for Shattered and how I created a violinist character despite not being a musician. I also share about my writing process, stressing the importance of revision, discipline and support. Finally, I talk about my journey--how I started out as an occupational therapist and arrived at my dream of being a published author. 

Students can either submit questions prior to the visit or ask on the spot. Questions can be related to the book itself, the writing process, opportunities for personal growth as a writer, and/or the publishing process.

Note: All of the above presentations can include a five minute reading and a book signing.

Also available: a Teacher's Guide based on Shattered. To order, contact me via my E-mail address.


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