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Author Q & A: Fill in the Blank

Full name: Kathryn Maxine Anne Brenneman Baron

I was born in: Fairbanks, Alaska on May 23rd

I grew up in: Orrville, Ohio

Where I live now: Evanston, Illinois
Occupations: Part-time Occupational Therapist, Young Adult Author

Favorite subject in high school: creative writing with Mr. McDaniels

Educational Background: MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College; MS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago; BS in Occupational Therapy from Ohio State University 
Favorite color:

Top 3 characteristics I need in a friend: laughter, honesty, and availability to go shopping

What I'm into when I'm not writing or working as an occupational therapist: baseball, visiting ballparks, scrapbooking, watching movies, reading, taking walks, hanging out with my my cat.

Someone I’d like to spend a day with: Tina Fey. I’d like to know about her writing process...about how she gets from an idea to wacky, funny scenes. I’d like to ask her a million questions about writing.

Favorite food: Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

A person I’d like to have lunch with: George Harrison. He wrote 2 songs that I absolutely love: Here Comes the Sun and Something. I’d like to say thank you for those. I’d like to ask him to talk to me about the relationship between spirituality and creativity.

Where I’ve been and would like to return: Sedona, Arizona. The mountains are spectacular and hiking in them is peaceful and riveting all at once. My life always becomes more poetic after spending time there. 

Top 5 all around favorite songs: Build Me Up Buttercup, Natural Woman, Here Comes the Sun, Cowboy Take Me Away, How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
Favorite animal:  The cat, definitely. I'm in love with our family cat: (Darling) Clementine. Love, love, love her!
A peak experience I've had: Sitting in the 5th row with my husband at a Dixie Chicks concert--a surprise birthday present. I could see the grain in Martie McGuire's violin, that's how close we were to the Chicks.

If I was given $10,000 to donate to charity: I’d give it to a Food Pantry. It breaks my heart to know that people are going hungry.

A place I've never been that I would like to go: I'd love to visit Missoula, Montana and see the "big sky."
Favorite Board Game: Yahtzee
Authors who inspired me during the writing of Shattered:
Laurie Halse Anderson, Kathi Appelt, Joan Bauer, Elizabeth Bluemle, Julia Buckley, Carolyn Coman, Sharon Creech, Sharon Darrow, Kate DiCamillo, E. R. Frank, Sundee Frazier, Louise Hawes, Lynn Hazen, Josanne LaValley, Norma Fox Mazer, Angela Morrison, An Na, Robert B. Parker, Louise P. Simone, Connie Van Hoven, Tim Wynne-Jones, and Ellen Yeomans

Why I write: Creating stories and poems makes me feel fully alive and focused. And I like feeling a connection with the Creator.        

Words I live by: “Live with intention.” ~ M. A. Hershey 

Questions and more questions.
The answers we give, define us.

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